KeyParty: A KeyForge Swapping League

KeyParty: A Swapping League is a KeyForge league format designed to provide a skillful challenge while providing variance and fun.

The Terms

It’s important for your comfort and confidence to understand the following terms while you are navigating yourself through this elegant format.

A “Swinger” refers to a single player

Swinger Group
A grouping of 4 Swingers

You earn a Notch when you win a game of KeyForge during league play. 

Pecking Order
An ordered list of swingers. Ordered by their Notches.

This league only works in multiples of 4 players (2-3 doesn’t work, and over 5 get’s a little hairy — trust me). 

This will be the “Pecking Order“. 

Seat priority is based purely on current Pecking Order. With the top swinger choosing their spot and the rest of the swingers falling in line around them.

The goal of the game is to make it to the top of the Pecking Order and show your superiority in KeyForge while banging your friends.

The Format

Each KeyParty session, each “swinger group” will all “bang” together. Each swinger will play 3 games total (against 2 — possibly 3 opponents)

Each session begins by splitting up in even groups based on Pecking Order. i.e. 1-4 all bang together 5-8 all bang together, etc. 

Each player will take their seats in Pecking Order. (With the top swinger choosing spot priority)

Each swinger starts the session by banging with the swinger underneath them in the Pecking Order with the deck that they brought to the KeyParty.  

After the game is over, the swingers swap decks.  

The winning Swinger of each game in each Swinger Group will now bang ( i.e. the swinger who got the notch in game A will bang with the swinger who got the notch in game B with the losing decks from A).

Repeat this process for one more game.

The Schedule

The schedule contains a regular season, playoffs and championship game

Regular Season

The schedule will continue for 8 regular season sessions


The top 4 swingers with the most Notches play in a one round tournament. The top 2 of this tournament will continue to The Commitment.

The Commitment

The Commitment is the Championship Game. It’s a special time when the top two swingers carve out some private time and make a commitment to not bang with anyone else for the duration of the league. 

The Championship will be a standard adaptive match. The winner will be named the Ultimate Banger 9001 (or the King of the FORT!!!).

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