Season 1 CHAMP

Damn this kid Jason BANGS, gg! @dinoklien casually owns @nofanator in the finals by swoop’n in both games to win on the last turn. The swooper has been swooped. Here’s the finals standings, record includes byes, tiebreakers, and… Read More

Season 1 Round 3

This marks the halfway point of our first season of KeyFort League! Congratulations to Jeff & Jason for starting out bangin with the 3-0s! Spoiler alert: We’ll get to see Jeff & Jason face off in week 4… Read More

Season 1 Round 2

The second week of Keyfort league brought more good times, 1st turn moms, and our first match that reached the bidding stage. Shout-out to @Ghost-jamarsontrequon who brought a surprise banger and clinched game 3 with 9 chains, hot… Read More

Season 1 Round 1

Week one in the books, great success! First time playing adaptive was really fun and everyone had their own idea about what kind of decks to bring. Surprisingly none of matches made it to the bidding stage. Highlight… Read More