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Crucible Rehab

Do you have a loved one or friend in need of help? Sometimes we don’t realize friends need a hand until it’s too late. Look at our friend Archimedes… he’s a hoarder, everything around him just ends up in a big pile that you and your loved ones have to deal with while he just splits town to discardville. Or what about our good friends the Yurks and Skullion? Everywhere they show up, people start dropping like flies, or disappearing without a trace having never even had a chance to see the battle board. How many lives will go un-fulfilled due to these behaviors?

That’s why we’re here, this is a Safe Place, where your aember will stay safe, and hopefully these destructive behaviors can stop ruining peoples lives. By using the NERF method, we can get your friends on a path to fuller, more constructive lives. Call now for more details.