poppin freshies keyforge lyrics rap

Poppin’ Freshies

KeyFort. KeyForge in a fort with friends
KeyFort : KeyForge with Friends
Poppin' Freshies

A fresh pack for you
You count the decks that are the same and it’s less than two
Poppin freshies
Ditch the box and see the thin red line
Now examine the deck and it’s Aember time
Poppin freshies
Are you sitting in the house of mars?
You got dis? Or you brawlin up in Brobnar
Poppin freshies
The perfect deck is complex, you see
All its might can be revealed through synergy
It’s random, I’m hopin for a Banger with some rarity
A shitty Bombom is goin straight to charity
Poppin freshies

I’m looking for the elegance of Archons

I’m all about a new deck you know I bring the pain
I never get held back even with twenty chains

Debuts on Season 1 Episode 3: Fresh and Funky in the Fort
Produced and Recorded by Andrew S. and Jason.

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